When Is Enough?


Student: Don’t know if I shared with you that I am a recovering workaholic. One of the things that pulls me back into that is... “I’ve not done enough”. So, what is enough?

Jason: I am very happy to hear from you. Everyone has to find their middle way. Even the Buddha had to do that. There was a time when the Buddha was only eating a few grains of rice a day. One day in the distance, he heard a music teacher telling his student, "If you tighten the string too tight, it will snap and can not be played." If the string is too loose, the sound will not be musical. The Buddha realized he had to find the middle way of his practice. He already understood the palace life of luxury. But he almost died from this extreme practice.

When we say "helping all beings", that also means help ourselves. If we don't take care of ourselves, how can we help other people?

So what do you want? If we are grasping and attaching, we will never have "enough mind." If we set a direction to help others, let go and find our true selves, then it is enough. This enough mind can help yourself and all beings. 

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