Transcending "I" (Ego)

buddha don't know ego

Before the Buddhist started practicing, he was very attached to name and form. Just like many of us. Then he sat under the Bodhi tree and finally realized his enlightenment. He was no longer attached to name and form. We call that emptiness or before thinking or Nirvana. But did he stay there? No, the Buddha got up from the tree and then he used name and form for 49 years to help this world. So there’s attachment to name and form, no name and form, and using name and form. There is attachment to “I”, then no “I”, and using this “I”. There is attachment to thinking, no thinking, and using this thinking. We already know about the attachment part. We must perceive this mind before “I”, before thinking. The name for this then is Don’t Know Mind. Then we can use whatever appears in our mind in a way that is clear and helpful.


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