How Can I Help?


Student: I've been thinking about the great question... how can I help? I'm trying not to intellectualize it, but I think I need to be able to understand it enough to be actually able to implement it. Question is... what does it actually mean? 

Jason: You asked, "what does it actually mean?"

You asked a question. I am answering. That is it.
Just respond to what is appearing right now in this moment. If we have too much thinking or understanding, then we can't see what is happening right now.

Zen Master Ko Bong said, "when giving, forget 3 things. I, you, and give. That means just do it. When helping, forget about 3 things. I, you, and help.

When you are hungry, what?
When someone else is hungry, what?
The name for that is "how can I help?"

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