Detaching From An Emotion

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Question: How can I tell if I am detaching from an emotion in a healthy way, or if I am avoiding it dealing with it?

Jason: When we teach meditation, we give a very simple and clear instruction. We talk about how to keep your body and posture. We teach about the breath and maybe suggest a mantra. Most important is not pushing away thinking and feeling and not holding onto it. Behind these techniques, we are questioning everything that’s appearing. So reading your question, I would ask, what is this “I” that is detaching from an emotion? What is this “I” that’s avoiding dealing with it? What is this “I”? If we look at that really sincerely with openness, we come to the place of don’t know. Don’t know is before “I”, then the emotion is just exactly what it is. It’s just the experience without adding anything to it. When we can do that, we call it “digesting” that experience. That is what gives us wisdom and strength.

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