1:1 Meditation Consultation


Are you looking for more direct support and guidance for your meditation practice? Interested in Koan study? I offer 1:1 consultations with flexible scheduling.


1:1 Support

Get more in-depth about your meditation practice, koan study, and how meditation can support you in your everyday life.

Own Your Schedule

Book a consultation that works for your schedule. Schedule as many meetings as you wish. All consultations are held on Zoom.

Beginners and Advanced

Consultations are accessible for all levels of experience, including those new to meditation, as well as more seasoned practitioners.

I will be traveling from June 3rd to July 2nd. Follow my journey on my YouTube channel
1:1 sessions are available below! Consider supporting my teaching. Any amount you give goes directly in creating more teaching videos, workshops, training, and 1:1 sessions.