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Why Your Support Matters


My vision is to create teaching content that is simple, clear, and accessible for anyone interested in Zen practice. I’m trying to build a community to offer support for anyone interested in Zen, no matter where they live or their economic circumstance. Some of you have offered a one time or recurring donation. Your support is going directly toward making more videos, teaching, training, 1:1 sessions (for those with limited resources), and livestreams.

Everyone who supported this project has not asked for anything back. I am truly grateful and would like give back to you. If you are able to help this community, see the options below.


7 Day Meditation Course

Online video course. Includes a meditation instruction and daily activities to help you integrate meditation in your everyday life.

Everyday Zen Community

Join this community to hangout, chat, and receive direct support for your practice. Interact with us on your computer or phone with the built in app. 

Monthly Group Zen Training

Once a month we will meet on Zoom and discuss Zen core concepts and practices including live koan practice.

1:1 Support Sessions

Get more in-depth about your meditation practice, koan study, and how meditation can support you in your everyday life.

YouTube Support Options 

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Clear Mind


What's Included For Your Support:

  • Joining Us On A Path To Help Others
  • 7 Day Online Meditation Course
  • Gratitude Mention On YouTube Video



Great Love


What's Included For Your Support:

  • Receive Clear Mind Benefits
  • Personal Video Responses To Questions
  • Monthly Live Group Zen Training
  • Access To Everyday Zen Community
  • Access To All Workshop Recordings

Great Compassion


What's Included For Your Support:

  • Receive Great Love Benefits
  • Monthly Live Group Zen Training
  • 1 Monthly 1:1 Session Included
  • 10% Off Additional 1:1 Sessions






What's Included For Your Support:

  • Receive Great Compassion Benefits
  • 2 Monthly 1:1 Sessions Included
  • 25% Off All Extra 1:1 Sessions



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